Ministry Update

A message from the Archdeacon of Cambridge
Read at Morning Service on Sunday 17th March 2016

Towards the end of last year we outlined the deanery’s proposals for ministry deployment across those parishes left vacant by the retirements of John Yule and Linda Liversidge. There followed a series of local discussions through which the parishes were able to endorse the plan and meet with their proposed new clergy. In due course there will be a further consultation process to create new legally constituted connections between groups of parishes, but it seemed sensible to enable the new ministries to begin before the full scheme of pastoral reorganisation is complete (which will take several months). Next Thursday, therefore, the Archdeacons will licence the clergy to their new posts, as follows:

  • Julie Anderson will become Priest in Charge of Lolworth and Swavesey and Willingham;
  • Nigel di Castiglione will become Priest in Charge of Conington;
  • Brian Atling will become Priest in Charge of Fen Drayton.

This is good news for the parishes because it gives them security about their ministry and leadership for the foreseeable future.

Under normal circumstances the inauguration of a new ministry is marked by a big service of commission. Given the two-step process, however, we decided that it would make sense to make the public celebration, led by the Bishop, coincide with the culmination of our plans. In the meantime, please pray for and welcome your new clergy; and may God bless you all in your
fellowship, ministry and mission together.

17 March 2016